Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Electoral Predictions 

I don't have any insight into how the 2004 election will turn out, other than I either think it will be very close, an near-landslide for Bush, or a near-landslide for the Democrat. But maybe Matt at notgeniuses is on to something his post (see below). It seems that Ohio (where both Guthrie and I are from) has a lot of disgruntled voters, so Matt could be right in writing this:

Now, I'm not claiming Dean is going to win Montana. That would be a tough fight (although, the polls are honestly better than I thought). What I am saying is that people in DC who think they know how those of us in Middle America think (what was that line - we prefer cowboys to metrosexuals? someone forgot to point out that Bush is a dude, not a cowboy) need to get in touch with us, because the conservative punditry in DC is as out-of-touch with us as the liberal punditry.

Keep bragging. We'll beat the snot out of you.

I'm predicting a Democrat wins with about 300 electoral votes and a popular majority nationwide (not just a plurality this time).

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