Monday, December 29, 2003

From the Atios comments board about Dean vs. the Democratic Party (and man is this article by Alterman awesome on this topic), a post that sounds exactly like Guthrie:

"I think Dean is right. He's not saying that he's going to take his ball and gone home. He's saying that some of his supporters will and I can understand why.

As a Dean supporter "new" Democrats have called me a hippie, cultest, deaniac, left wing, out of touch with the party, out of touch with America (so Republican), mindless, blind follower, idealistic, ideologue, koolaide drinker, and backwards looker who wants to take the party back to before Clinton. Doesn't exactly endear me to them.

As if the candidates who managed to lose all 3 branches of the federal government should be the judge of political astuteness. I'm sick of their cluelessness about their role in these loses and their condescending atttitude toward their base. I don't need political lessons from these guys.

I have no issues whatsoever with the way Clark, Edwards, Kuncinich, Sharpton, and Braun have run their campaigns. But Kerry, Lieberman and Gephardt's sense of entitlement is extremely off."

The writer calls himself Hansel. That's right...Haaanseel. So hot right now.
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