Monday, December 29, 2003

Hansel wrote this:

Thanks Dan. I really don't have any contempt for Clinton. I have contempt for people who wouldn't stand up and defend him and their party when we needed them, and are now invoking the Clinton legacy to their advantage and against those who support Dean. Dean is far closer to Clinton than any of those yahoos, but they are too clueless to see it.

I replied:
true, true. Dean is much more the heir to Clinton than anyone besides, well, Al Gore. Lieberman? Joe "I had the guts to take on Clinton" Lieberman. Fuck him. The point was not to agree "values-wise" that adultery is wrong, but that you cannot give any quarter to the Clinton-bashing GOP. Joe had the guts to be in the wrong. Reminds me of John Kerry's third or fourth slogan in this campaign: "The courage to do what's right." I mean, what the hell does that mean?
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