Monday, December 22, 2003

Michelle Cottle at TNR is, based on her articles, a pretty smart woman. However, she comes from that faction of liberal coalition that is deathly afraid of, well, everything. She's scared of Howard Dean; she's scared of the Massachusetts Supreme Court; she's afraid of anti-war Democrats; she's afraid of secular Democrats. The funny thing about this is that she agrees with the policies of each of these groups (well, she agrees substatively with the gay marriage ruling). So, basically, she's afraid of herself.

This is the end of her new article,

What do you get when you cross a court ruling on sodomy and a court ruling on gay marriage with over-the-counter sales of emergency contraception? A Repubilcan majority for the next 50 years.

Now, this is not only incorrect, it signifies everything wrong with the Democratic leadership. If you cede half the issues, you better be sure as shit that you'll win on every other issue. She wants to cede social issues, cede "values" as if you just can't attack the morals of the party of Limbaugh, Thurmond and George W. Bush (push-polling, anyone?). Pathetic, and the exact reason the rank-and-file likes Dean, and the Washington Democrats hate him.

update...also note how Cottle is afraid of Clark's taking on of Bush's record on terrorism in her post in TNR primary
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