Wednesday, January 21, 2004


This is more a question. This paragraph is the lead in a New Hampshire (?) Union Leader:
MANCHESTER — Retired General Wesley Clark yesterday noted he “stayed with the U.S. Army” through the Vietnam War, setting up a contrast with White House foe John Kerry, who left the military and became a war critic.
If this is a true reporting of Clark's statement, it is very troubling. It implies that Kerry was wrong to become a war critic, and also that Clark did not think the Vietnam War was a bad thing. Well, if this is true, it's clear that Kerry was right and Clark was wrong. It's possible, however, that Clark never really meant to contrast his experience with Kerry's in this manner; the "left the military and became a war critic" is not a direct quote, and it's unclear if it is supposed to be a paraphrase of Clark or simply a description of what Kerry did after he left the Navy.

I do not want to vote for someone who thinks being against the Vietnam War (esp. the way Kerry was against it) was a bad thing. I'll leave that thinking to Richard Perle and Dick "I had other priorities during Vietnam" Cheney.

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