Thursday, January 22, 2004

"Good Riddance" 

I got an email saying that Dean is done for, and "Good Riddance." My reply:

I don't agree with this one bit. Ok, let's assume Dean would have been a disaster in November. If all you dean-o-phobes were right, there was a high probability of an implosion all along. Now (if) it happened, so be it.

But, I am (and everyone else should be) very, very proud of what Dean accomplished. He taught each candidate that, yes, "the way to beat George Bush is to stand up to him." He reclaimed a big part of this party for the people. He taught everyone that you can finance a campaign without needing to get $2,000 checks from each contributor. He built an honest-to-goodness community in this country, from the ground up--it was not "virtual," or trapped in some "starbucks ghetto." It exists, and I saw it with my own eyes both here and in New Hampshire. You think Dick Gephardt would have called Bush a "miserable failure" without Howard Dean? You think John Edwards (and everyone else these days) would be telling audiences that "you and I have the power to change America" and asking people to "be part of this movement to change America" if Howard Dean never existed?
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