Monday, January 19, 2004

MLK Day 

I was having a discussion this morning about holidays, and I came to the conclusion that MLK Day might be the most relevant. I mean, Presidents' Day is pretty big, I think, because of the import of the legacies of the two Prez's honored that day. But MLK Day is one that both acknowledges past greatness and represents an ongoing struggle.

I mean, you could think to yourself on Memorial Day: "What am I doing to ensure that those who sacrificed for our country are treated with the respect they deserve." Likewise, Labor Day: "What I am doing to ensure that workers are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve and are able to fulfill the American Dream."

I think both those are worthy questions to ask. But I think "What are you doing to help fulfill the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King?" is more poignant.

Yes, this sounds a lot like what my 3rd grade teacher told me. But, as Jerry Seinfeld has said, "It was true in the 80s, and it still has relevance today."
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