Tuesday, January 27, 2004

More on Dean and Kerry 

Noam Scheiber at TNR has a long post today on Kerry. I don't want to quote it because, well, it's too long. But it can be found here.

Basically, he says that John Kerry can't take a punch. The reasoning is this: Kerry is now the frontrunner (again) because during the two or three weeks before Iowa, the negative ads and press made many, many people doubt the electability of Dean. Therefore, people went back to Kerry, the default candidate. But, just because people think Dean is unelectable, that doesn't therefore make Kerry electable.

Scheiber says all in reference to his thesis: Kerry cannot take a punch. In the summer and fall, Kerry folded quickly against Dean's attacks on the war. And now, Kerry is being attacked for supporting this Iraq war, but not the 1991 war. And, Kerry's answer to this attack is, apparently, well, crappy.

Anyway, not sure about all this, and I do think Kerry has a lot of qualities that would make him both a fine candidate and a fine president, but maybe there is a real reason why I still like Dean and Edwards more than him.
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