Tuesday, January 27, 2004

New Hampshire 

Ok, so the results aren't back yet, but if the exit polls on Drudge hold, then it's Kerry 36%, Dean 30%. I'm not sure if this is a win or not for Dean. I mean, a month ago he was at 45% and Kerry was at like 12%. In terms of delegates, it doesn't really much matter as NH just doesn't have that many. But is this is win or a loss for Dean? I can easily imagine arguments going both ways. My take: this is good enough for Dean to still be a major contender for next week. Also, Feb. 3 will make or break all the candidacies except Kerry, and at most three candidates, and more likely two, will continue on after next week.

Then again, this "analysis" is coming from someone who nodded approvingly when Lee Corso (or was it Beano Cook?) said, "Ron Powlus...This kid will win two, three, maybe four Heisman Trophies."
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