Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Watch John Fund Pretend to be a Journalist! 

Via Pandagon, I came across this hatched-job on Paul O'Neill by the WJS's John Fund. The funniest part:
Mr. O'Neill was also surprisingly indiscreet. In our dinner conversation he told me things about his disagreements with the administration that I was surprised a cabinet officer would reveal. I was impressed by his candor but not by his wisdom. He was saved from my publishing them only by his offhand request in the middle of the meal that they be off the record.
See! John Fund is a real journalist with real "sources" who abides by such things as "on" or "off" the record. He would have rather published those stories that would have embarrassed the WH, except that the then-Treasury Secretary awkwardly asked him not to. Only this saved John Fund from breaking a story that would harm GWB.

Seriously, the WSJ editorial page has piggy-backed long enough on the legitimacy of its (very good, if not the best) newsroom. It is not made up of journalists at all; only movement conservatives who use it as a platform to inject the most radical rightwing ideas into the mainstream
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