Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Weirdest Defense EVER 

Will Saletan, in an otherwise pretty good article, writes this defense of the Media while talking about how the Media was unfair to Dean:
Dean was Gored. Want to know how Al Gore lost the presidency in October 2000? You just saw it: a relentless focus on one candidate's record and comments. That's understandable (and I participated in it), because Dean seemed to be on his way to the nomination, just as Gore seemed to be on his way to the presidency in October 2000. You always scrutinize most carefully the person who, barring intervention, is likely to win. The catch is that you're the intervention. Some of the criticism of Dean was way over the line. (The next pundit who scolds Dean's wife for not campaigning should have to sleep on the couch for a year.) But some of it was well-earned by Dean. Moral: When the camera's on you, shape up.
This is too strange for me to comment on right now. Anyone else care to?

UPDATE: I feel I can make a comment now. Shouldn't the media feel some sort of buyer's remorse or regret if Saletan is right? Like, we did it to Gore and it was stupid, so let's not do it again? Is he serious, or is this just rationalization at it's best/worst?
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