Monday, February 02, 2004


I got today's Nightline email about tonight's show:

TONIGHT'S FOCUS: Decency on TV. Now a lot of people will say that those two terms are mutually exclusive. But the day after the half-time show, everyone seems to be talking about what can and cannot be shown on TV, and perhaps more importantly, what should be shown.
I consider this a nonstory, but let me comment nonetheless. Well, I never will understand why people are so afraid of the word "fuck." I don't see how it really harms anyone to hear that word, or others, including small children. As for a split-second shot of a breast, something I'd not really have seen except for the fact I have TiVo (and my friends made me wind and re-wind the moment), is this worse that ads from 3 companies hawking ED pills (including one warning you to tell a Doc if your erection lasts over 10 hours or something), people getting bit in the crotch by dogs, ads telling you that marijuana use will cause you, inexorably, to get sick and die, etc? Not to mention the subtext of the subjugation of women that was clear throughout the Justin/Janet performance. I mean, would it have been "appropriate" in any sense of the word for there to have been some sort of bra-like thing covering her? The Ah-nold-like acceptance of groping is there, nonetheless.

And in any event, nothing was more offensive in the 10 hour CBS coverage (or however long it was) than Aerosmiths' faux-tribute to the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia. Now THAT was inappropriate.
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