Friday, February 13, 2004

I love these things 

I love non-correction corrections, second only to non-denial denials (although non-apology apologies are good, they're too cliched these days.

This is an email sent by the wonderful Center for American Progress:
EDITOR’S NOTE: After publishing the Progress Report this morning, Fox News called to protest our description of Ann Coulter as a “Fox News contributor." Fox News said Ann Coulter "is not a contributor to this network" and "has not been a contributor the last couple of years." Though Fox News’ Sean Hannity described Ms. Coulter in December of 2002 as "a Fox News contributor," and despite Coulter appearing 50 times on Fox News since 2002, we regret any confusion this may have caused.
UPDATE: For the record, I beat Ezra to this by 4 minutes.
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