Sunday, February 15, 2004

If this were the 1990s 

Josh Marshall on what would be going on what happened under Bush/Cheney happened under Clinton/Gore:
Now, needless to say, if we were still operating under the rules that prevailed in the mid-1990s, James Carville would have been appointed Independent Counsel in the late summer of 2002 to investigate Halliburton. He'd have had the Intel shenanigans, the Plame matter and the Niger documents added to his brief since then. A cowed AG would have given him the Guard matter around the middle of last week. And in a couple days some FBI agents would be showing up on Calhoun's doorstep ready to squeeze him as silly as any freshly sliced wedge of lime in close proximity to a bottle of Corona.
"Calhoun" is "Bill" Calhoun, who clearly lied about being around Bush in TANG (or AANG?).
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