Saturday, March 06, 2004

Bush Ads 

There's been a lot of talk about the Bush/Cheney 04 ads that feature ground zero. You can watch them here. I was telling a friend yesterday that I don't really care too much, but I think that anything that keeps BushCo on the defensive is pretty much cool in my book, even if, as a matter of principle, I don't necessarily agree. Also, I find this as much interest group politics (9/11 widows and firefighters) as anything else. That said, if there's a chance Bush can be kept on the defensive on this, the ridiculous GOP convention in New York might end up the PR disaster is should be.

In any event, I think Ezra, who seemingly has the same "who really cares" reaction I had, is on to something here:
The coordinated response to these ads has been absolutely spectacular. Head on over to Google News and check out the headlines. The number of people who'll see Bush Campaign Defends Use of 9/11 in TV Ads far outnumbers those who'll see the ad, and the direct accusation of politicizing 9/11 is far more effective than the subtle suggestion of leadership on that day. The Kerry Campaign has been employing a scorched earth strategy; whatever Bush does, they attack so hard and so fast and so mercilessly that the Bush Campaign is left in the rubble of their original intentions. Now people are on watch for Bush politicizing 9/11, Kerry just framed the media! It's a level of efficacy I've never seen from Democrats; it's so powerful that Bush has brought Karen Hughes back onboard to help out. But I don't know where they go from here. The Bush Campaign is very good on the offense and their actions have usually shocked opponents into recriminations (how dare you say that!?) or fear (on no! A flight suit!), but they're so completely on the defense here that even their attacks are being turned against them and they seem woefully unable to grab a foothold.
I think he might be wrong on some of this (do more people really read AP than watch commercials? and when DID Karen Hughes come back on board?), but yeah, Kerry is hitting back quickly, and that's exciting to see.

UPDATE: This post really didn't turn out as well as I hoped. I guess it's ok, though, for a lazy, dog-dangling Saturday (not to be confused with that fake Saturday last Wednesday).
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