Friday, March 19, 2004

God Bless Paul Krugman 

This is the key graph from his column today:
So there you have it. A country's ruling party leads the nation into a war fought on false pretenses, fails to protect the nation from terrorists and engages in a cover-up when a terrorist attack does occur. But its electoral defeat isn't democracy at work; it's a victory for the terrorists.
Read the whole thing. We're back to the real culture of fear, we're back to McCarthyist accusations of treason, we're back to "watch what you say," we're back to John Ashcroft's "aid and comfort" land,* and it's just the way the White House likes it!

* Ashcroft really should have gotten fired for that comment, as it shows the contempt with which he views the document he's sworn to uphold.
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