Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The Golden Touch of Senator John McCain 

We've talked a bit in this space about how the media trots out John McCain as if he's some all-knowing svengali. "But Mr. Senator, John McCain yesterday said that babies suck. Are you here telling us today that John McCain is wrong?!?!"

I think that's silly, and while there are parts of McCain I like, there are parts I dislike (didn't he want to send a division or two of ground troops into Serbia along with many of our "these sound sweet but actually suck" Apaches?). Also, if McCain really were a straight shooter he'd have left the GOP and become an independent (albeit one who would vote with the GOP and most things, as he is a pretty conservative guy).

But I got this McCain quote of political wire.
On Good Morning America, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) was asked if he'd accept an offer to be Kerry's number two: "John Kerry is a close friend of mine... Obviously I would entertain it... But I see no scenario where that would happen."
I'd like to know what's hidden in those ellipses, as I cannot believe that he said he'd entertain such an offer.

1) He seems far too sympathetic to the neocon worldview to join a Kerry administration (although he is not a neocon and understands that just because you say something will be a cakewalk won't make it so).

2) I mean, he's stuck with the GOP so far, so why would he leave now.

3) Finally, I would think he enjoys his "above-the-fray Media-god" status and that would be jeopardized if he took the oh-so-political VP slot.
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