Thursday, March 04, 2004

I wonder what his older brother thinks about it 

Gregg Easterbrook makes a bizarre defense of hard-core porn today. And I mean bizzare in the sense that he's making it at all.
I'll pause briefly to note what many have noted before: Why rail against sex in the movies instead of against violence? Wouldn't it be better that people watch sex than watch--well, you know the rest. Here's the twist that Easterblogg wishes to add. Fly-by-night houses may make disgusting porn that is obscene in the legal sense. But these days mainstream porn studios such as Vivid Video, the number-one producer of porn in the United States, are more responsible in what they present to audiences than the big corporate studios. Vivid Video--originator of "pretty porn," today the most popular form of video pornography because men and women can watch it together--never depicts any form of violent behavior. In Vivid movies all acts are consensual, everyone's having a good time and scenes always begin and end with smiles. Vivid flicks show couples, threesomes and foursomes performing acts you might not have believed possible. But no one is ever depicted as harmed or threatened, and depictions of rape or murder are absolutely out of the question.
Ok, fine, I guess. But you are a successful writer and this is what you choose to write on? I find that odd. But it is part of his old hobby horse "I like sex but not violence" thing. Could any of my sources at the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals get me a response from the good judge?
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