Thursday, March 18, 2004

It's called Bad Parenting 

The Times has an article on TiVo today. Basically more of the same "Tivo changed my life, it can change yours." Now, those of you who know me (ie, all two of you reading this), know that I think this is indeed true. However, the article contains this gem:
One booster is Jim Cambron, a single parent of a high-school teenager. Mr. Cambron had heard of TiVo and liked the idea of a machine that would easily allow him to watch shows at his convenience, so he picked up a unit last December. Not only did it make his TV viewing easier, but it also unexpectedly changed his son's fortunes.

"Before we got the TiVo, my son was getting C's and D's in school because he was staying up late to watch his shows and going to school half-awake," said Mr. Cambron, a television engineer in Kansas City, Mo. Now that the Cambrons can time-shift programs, his son is getting enough sleep and his grades have risen to A's and B's.
Ok, so the parents here put staying up to watch Conan ahead of school. Yeah. Thank God for Tivo.
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