Friday, March 19, 2004

Jack Ryan want to Cut-and-Run! 

To paraphrase Charles Montgomery Burns, this Jack Ryan may not be the brilliant tactician we thought. Here's his view on Iraq, according to ABC7:
Jack Ryan criticizes Obama over Iraq, vows to oppose more money
March 19, 2004 — Republican Jack Ryan says if his opponent in the U-S Senate race had his way, Saddam Hussein would still be running Iraq.
Democrat Barack Obama opposed the U-S invasion of Iraq. He argued that President Bush had not shown a clear need to attack and should have built international support before launching an invasion.

But Ryan said the world is a safer place now that Hussein is gone. He says Iraq now has a chance to become a democracy.

However, Ryan says he opposes using American money to repair the war damage in Iraq.

Experts say the cost of rebuilding could end up being (b) billions of dollars more than Iraq can provide on its own.

But Ryan says, if elected he will vote against sending more aid to Iraq.
Uh, so he thinks we should totally bomb a country, create a power vacuum, and leave? What a moron. Note to Obama campaign: Issue a press release accusing Ryan of wanting to cut-and-run right now!
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