Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Kerry and the deficit 

Brad DeLong writes that Kerry is getting serious with the deficit:
It's a very good sign that Roger Altman is taking the lead on putting together the first draft of the Kerry budget priorities document. Roger Altman is very good people: highly competent, steeped in the issues, allergic to the magic asterisk. Moreover, he has the right values--fear of an inefficient and incentive-incompatible tax system, attachment to fiscal prudence as a way of accelerating economic growth, and an understanding of the good that well-designed government spending can do.
I had never hear of this Altman character, but this is good news. I was beginning to think that Kerry's deficit rhetoric was just that. It was reason #2 I had supported Dean (#1 was his success in VT re: Healthcare). The key now is to make sure the public knows that Bush's deficit talk is "all hat and no cattle" and Kerry's has some substance. Because Bush will do all he can to claim that he's a "deficit hawk."

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