Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Lethally Bravehearted Patriot II: This Time It's Messianic 

Over at David Neiwert's blog, he posts a reader's email that gives, most likely, the definitive view of this movie. Some choice bits:
2) The film is only anti-Semitic if you consider it anti-Semitic to portray Jews as an unruly crowd of evil, hook-nosed Christ killers.

22) When Jesus died on the cross, he proved his divinity by causing a massive earthquake that destroyed the Jewish temple. So, even the unbelieving Jews must know the truth of Jesus. Acting like they don't is just evil. This cannot be interpreted as anti-Semitic under the current definition.

26) The bloopers reel that plays over the credits is really a great piece of work. There was this one scene where Jim fell down when he was supposed to be carrying the cross through the streets, and he just kept tripping over his feet. Falling down again and again. Ha! Oh wait, I think that made it into the final cut.
Most of them (there are 40) are quite good. Not that I really want to pass judgment on the film, as I have not seen it.
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