Friday, March 12, 2004

More from the "Why I Don't Like the GOP" File 

From Tapped:
Kind of reminds me of the time in 2001 when GOP personnel recruited a couple of dozen corporate lobbyists to serve as the audience for a Dennis Hastert speech praising Bush's first income tax. A memo to the lobbyists stated:

[T]he Speaker's office was very clear in saying that they do not need people in suits. If people want to participate -- AND WE DO NEED BODIES -- they must be DRESSED DOWN, appear to be REAL WORKER types, etc. We plan to have hard hats for people to wear. Other groups are providing waiters/waitresses, and other types of workers.
The rest of the link is about Bush talking up his economic "record" to workers who were cheering wildly. It turned out that the workers actually didn't speak English and therefore had no idea what the Prez was talking about but knew they were supposed to cheer.
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