Thursday, March 11, 2004

More on Manufacturing Czar 

To follow up on this post below, it seems that maybe this guy isn't going to be named as manufacturing "czar," at least not today. From my hometown paper:
Washington- After a half-year of waiting, the Bush administration appears poised to name its "manufacturing czar," a high-level official who will tend to the nation's struggling factories.

But the nomination of Tony Raimondo, chairman and chief executive officer of Nebraska-based Behlen Manufacturing Co., still might have to wait. Despite a Commerce Department announcement earlier Wednesday that it would name the manufacturing czar today, it appeared later that the administration was struggling to secure key Senate support.

The Commerce Department later said an announcement has been postponed "due to scheduling conflicts." The administration did not release the name of Raimondo, but several other sources did. Raimondo, the son of a Buffalo, N.Y., steelworker, heads an employee-owned company that makes livestock equipment, steel buildings and grain storage systems.
These guys in the WH can't seem to do anything right. Once again, to repeat, Karl Rove is not the genius everyone makes him out to be. He used fear and loathing pretty well for a time, and that's about it. I wonder if they'll have to bring the Velvet Hammer back for the reelection campaign.

And, while outsourcing doesn't get me all hot and bothered, because the job market sucks for other reasons, it should be noted that this Raimondo character has a plant or two in China and only recently (last 2-4 years) outsourced jobs there. Nice choice, Bush! (oh, and this fact goes under the rubric "Some facts are too good to check." But I have heard from a somewhat reliable source that this is true).
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