Monday, March 08, 2004

More Polls! 

From Eric Zorn:
WLS-Ch. 7 released a Senate primary poll of "more than 1,000 voters" Sunday night.

GOP top four:

Jack Ryan 45%
Jim Oberweis 13%
Andy McKenna 10%
Steve Rauschenberger 7%
(undecided 21%)

Democratic top 4

Barack Obama 28%
M. Blair Hull 21%
Dan Hynes 17%
Maria Pappas 11%
(undecided 14%)

The good news for Hynes is that he's still clearly within striking distance of Obama; the good news for Obama is that WLS-Ch. 7 is finding him out in front even though though 50 percent of Democrats are not yet familiar with him.

And,as the landslide of editorial-board endorsements suggests, to become familiar with Obama is to have great respect and admiration for him.
A classic cut-and-paste post by me.
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