Sunday, March 07, 2004

A Note on Journalistic Convention 

Atrios has a nice little post on the not-so-subtle differences in how the media portray gay life vs. straight life:
So, I'm watching this 60 minutes piece on the "gay Episcopal Bishop" Gene Robinson. I think they've referred to him as a "practicing homosexual" about 15 times. I'm not entirely sure what a "practicing homosexual" is, as opposed to a "non-practicing homosexual." I think the phrase is just meant to conjure up nasty images of hot bishop-on-man sex in the minds of viewers. The piece also thought it was almost scandalous that he (shudder) went to a GAY BAR AFTER THE THEATER with his daughter. A gay bar being a place that tends to, you know, attract mostly gay people and into which therefore no right-minded moral person would ever dare enter. As opposed to "normal bars" which, you know, attract primarily straight people for their Bible Groups and for other acts of morality.
That "practicing" idea is quite odd. Obviously, it has to do with the fact that many fundamentalist types (not to mention the Pope) seem to think that it's not a sin to be homosexual, but it is a sin to do homosexual things. To see the media apparently approvingly acknowledge this.... We constantly here how the so-called liberal media may not be truly liberal on economic/fiscal issues, but they definitely are on social issues. I guess not.
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