Sunday, March 21, 2004

Pictures from the Obama Fundraiser 

Well, I finally uploaded the pictures from our March 1 fundraiser for Barack Obama. Indeed, "The Economist" even covered the fundraiser, in a way. Here's part of the article:
“YOU'RE all 70 years younger than I am!” exclaims Studs Terkel, a 91-year-old writer and Chicago legend, looking wistfully at the crowd gathered round him at Sedgwick's, a yuppie bar on the city's north side. He is introducing Barack Obama, a Democrat running for the Senate. Personal fortunes are being lavishly spent ahead of the Illinois primary on March 16th, but the Obama fundraiser is a low-budget affair, with attendees paying $50 each to rub shoulders with Mr Terkel, eat pizza, and hear Mr Obama say that “ordinary people can do extraordinary things when they're given an opportunity.”
Of course, I take umbrage at the "low-budget" characterization. Anyway, here are some pictures from the fundraiser, one of me and the candidate, one of another of the hosts and Studs Terkel, and an out-of-focus picture of Obama and Studs addressing the crowd. I do wish I took more pictures.

Anyway, here is me and Barack:

And here is Mike and Studs:

And here is and out-of-focus picture of Studs and Barack:

Btw, I'm amazed I figured out how to do this (post pics that is).
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