Thursday, March 25, 2004

Rarely is the Question Asked... 

Is our children learning:
A spokesman for the Boston Public Schools told the Globe that his transportation director just found out yesterday about a Bush-Cheney '04 fundraiser that will prevent kids from going to school because of blocked off streets and presidential security. The Globe says: "The president's visit unexpectedly canceled classes for 1,425 children at the Boston Renaissance Charter School, a K-8 institution on Stuart Street a block away from the hotel. The Boston Public Schools system, which provides about 30 buses to transport Renaissance students, said it could not guarantee timely pick-up of students at dismissal time, said Dudley Blodget, chief operating officer of the Renaissance School's foundation. The school also feared that the 300 parents who pick up their children would not be able to reach the school."

"It's a sad situation that you have to close off school because of a fund-raising event," said Roger F. Harris, Renaissance headmaster. Indeed.

But here's what's edging out reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic for those 1,425 students: About 500 people, paying $2,000 a pop, will listen to the president deliver a speech, "but in order to hold down costs there will be no food or entertainment," the Globe reports.
Imagine what Mickey Kaus would be saying if this were Kerry instead of Bush.
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