Thursday, March 04, 2004

Should be "Man Bites Dog," but Isn't 

On the front page of today's Chicago Tribune is the banner headline "Padilla Gets to Talk to His Lawyers." There's a big picture of Jose Padilla himself next to the headline.

Let's get this straight: THIS SHOULD NOT BE BIG NEWS IN THIS COUNTRY!!! The fact that some guy gets to talk to his lawyer--good god!

On a related note, I'm reminded of what Barack Obama said at our fundraiser on Monday night. He was giving his stump speech and started talking about how, if one Arab-American (of which Padilla is not) is rounded up without due process, we're all a little less free, even if we're not Arab-American. If one family has to choose between putting food on the table and seeking medical care, we're all a bit less well off. He had several others of these, and they struck a nerve, mainly because I've been thinking along these lines for a while now.

For, if one man is shipped off to Syria to be tortured at our government's behest because his uncle may have attended an Al-Queda camp, there is no justice for any of us in this country. Not for me, not for you, not for anyone.
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