Tuesday, March 23, 2004

The World Turned Upside Down 

Billmon on the world turned upside down:
Meditating over lunch on Richard Clarke's appearance on 60 Minutes last night, I was really struck by how out-of-kilter this all is, relative to my historical frame of reference.

Clarke's interview, and his book, both go a long way towards demolishing the picture of Bush as the stalwart commander that Bob Woodward painted in his book, Bush at War. Woodward, the outsider turned insider, has been discredited by Clarke, the insider turned outsider.

It's a hell of a circle we've come when a former ace investigative journalist, the scourge of Richard Nixon, is part of the cover up, and a career national security bureaucrat like Richard Clarke is the one blowing the whistle.

Pogo certainly had it right, at least as far as American journalism is concerned: We have met the enemy, and he is us.
Well, Woodward lost all respect in my eyes in May 2000 when he spoke at my college graduation and simply embarrassed himself. And then he wrote Maestro and Bush at War, which are just long press releases. What an ass.
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