Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Ashcroft again proves his incompetence 

John Ashcroft, whom a friend told me had "unquestioned integrity" even after he lied to Congress during his confirmation hearings, simply didn't care about terrorism:
A second staff report issued before the afternoon session said Ashcroft was briefed on terrorist threats by then-FBI Director Pickard in late June and July 2001.

"After two such briefings, the attorney general told him he did not want to hear this information anymore," the report quoted Pickard as saying.

It added that Ashcroft and two top aides denied the attorney general made any such statement to Packard.
Now, I think the Pickard quote came from a session with commission, in which case the DOJ is accusing him of perjury (sound familiar? I'm looking at you, Bill Frist). In any event, how long until the DOJ decides that this particular denial is "inoperative." I'm guessing by week's end.

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