Monday, April 12, 2004


Via Nathan Newman, this cartoon::

Now, I don't want to get into the real nitty-gritty of the pre-9/11 debate, for various reasons, but this is funny. Less funny is that the President likes to lie about it:
DISHONESTY – STILL SAYING HE REQUESTED THE BRIEFING: The President yesterday insisted that he personally requested the August 6 intelligence briefing because he was so concerned about terrorism, saying "I asked the intelligence agency to analyze the data to tell me whether or not we faced a threat internally...That's what the PDB request was." But according to the CIA, the briefing "was not requested by President Bush." As commissioner Richard Ben-Veniste disclosed, "the CIA informed the panel that the author of the briefing does not recall such a request from Bush and that the idea to compile the briefing came from within the CIA."
I don't understand why the Prez just doesn't say that, well, we should have done more, but now I'm focused on making us safe in the future so that this will never happen again. I think that would be both the substantive truth (leaving aside current problems in homeland security) and a decent political move. I do have some ideas as to why he won't just admit that they weren't as focused on OBL and Al-Q before 9/11 as, in retrospect, they should have been. I'll post about that in the future (maybe).
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