Saturday, April 03, 2004

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I don't think this post will have a identifiable theme, so I don't really have a title. btw, last night I was told I represent the "far left" and the fringe. We'll see. Anyway, fascinating interview of John Dean here.

Also, Billmon, who runs just a factastic blog called Whiskey Bar has had some dynamite posts over the last few days. Check them out. He has this tour de force about how our government is employing mercenaries who were formerly part of the Apartheid regime in South Africa. He ends it with this:
I cannot emphasize enough how nasty these folks are. They are former operatives at the sharp end of apartheid South Africa's Bureau Of State Security ("BOSS", seriously) which translates into the worst scum of the earth; one notch below knuckle-dragging thugs, capable of making the most irredeemable KKK tards look like Nobel contenders. Truly ambassadors of the evil memory of apartheid.
That seems pretty much right, given my tiny bit of knowledge of SA history. Dispicable. Anyway, read the posts, check out his blog.
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