Friday, April 02, 2004

Unaccountability Defined 

From an email from a friend (not jk):
These are from section A of today's NY Times:

1. Bush aides kept Clinton's papers from 9/11 panel

2. Bush's Iraq Panel Starts to Stir

3. Bush judicial nominee (who regularly denounced efforts to enforce (enforce, mind you, not promulgate) environmental regs) gains

4. 45 senators (including many Repubs) fault EPA's mercury pollution proposal

5. Prosecutors said to have expanded inquiry into leak of CIA officer's name

6. Fed judge orders release of docs of White House task force on energy

Now, if only the American people can recognize the pattern.
Agreed. Of course, this is the librul New York Times, so I don't believe it. Fox News says Commander Codpiece has done nothing wrong.
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