Wednesday, April 28, 2004

What, exactly, is the tragedy? 

Apparently it's shit on Jonah Goldberg day here at G&G. I'm fine with that. At the Corner, J.G. writes:

It really isn't Michael Kelly's Atlantic anymore, is it? Still a good magazine, but a decidedly and increasingly predictably liberal one. Here's the preview: of the next issue's cover story which sounds particularly contrary to Kelly's views on the Brits and the war (though I haven't read the piece yet):
The Tragedy of Tony Blair by Geoffrey Wheatcroft
Tony Blair was the one man on earth, writes the veteran British correspondent Geoffrey Wheatcroft, who could possibly have stopped the war in Iraq. But Blair led his people into war against their will, for reasons that were not true—and now his mystique and his promise, almost JFK-like when he came into office, are shattered. "The man who not so long ago seemed a new ideal in himself," Wheatcroft concludes, "now stands alone, truly a great tragic figure."
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So, what's the tragedy? That Michael Kelly died covering a mistake of a war in Iraq? Or that The Atlantic is now "liberal"? JG sure makes it sound like it's the latter.
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