Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The White House view on Whistleblowers 

From Dick Clarke to Paul O'Neill to Jack Spadero, the Bush administration has had a decent amount of insiders turn against them. The New Republic's Jonathan Chait nicely sums up the BushCo response to these types of individuals:
But this seems to be the circular logic by which the administration discredits its internal critics. Loyal bureaucrats become disgusted with Bush due to his negligence or irresponsibility, and they feel compelled to speak out against him. The fact that they speak out against him turns them ipso facto into anti-Bush partisans, who therefore lack credibility. And, needless to say, those who haven't been in the administration don't know anything about its internal deliberations, so they lack credibility as well. Therefore, the only people who do have credibility to discuss Bush's internal policymaking are those who are in the administration and still support Bush.
It truly is a shame that Bush keeps finding partisan Democrats to put in positions of power. I mean, Dick Clarke even voted for Al Gore--how could such a person be trusted?
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