Thursday, May 06, 2004

The Bush Administration--They're FRAT-Tastic! 

Seems like Rush may have gotten his ideas from higher-ups. Via TPM, a clip from today's Nelson Report:
We can contribute a second hand anecdote to newspaper stories on rising concern, last year, from Secretary of State Powell and Deputy Secretary Armitage about Administration attitudes and the risks they might entail: according to eye witnesses to debate at the highest levels of the Administration...the highest levels...whenever Powell or Armitage sought to question prisoner treatment issues, they were forced to endure what our source characterizes as "around the table, coarse, vulgar, frat-boy bully remarks about what these tough guys would do if THEY ever got their hands on prisoners...."

-- let's be clear: our source is not alleging "orders" from the White House. Our source is pointing out that, as we said in the Summary, a fish rots from its head. The atmosphere created by Rumsfeld's controversial decisions was apparently aided and abetted by his colleagues in their callous disregard for the implications of the then-developing situation, and by their ridicule of the only combat veterans at the top of this Administration.
Classy guys, huh? I wonder this, though: If Rummy does resign, who would take that job? What Republican would actually want to be put in that situation. Powell; I doubt he'd leave State. Armitage--he's the only one I can think of. You run through the Bush I "realists" in your head--they're all either too old or would never take the job (Jim Baker? He didn't even want to go after Saddam when he was SoS. Scrowcroft--too old. Anyone on Capitol Hill? I can't think of anyone.

Richard Armitage is all I got, and he and the neocons don't get along.
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