Thursday, May 20, 2004


My DirecTV went out b/c of the storm here, and I missed the end of CSI!

Who raped the Palms pit boss? Todd, his brothers, who? And her hair was on Todd's clothes, but the DNA wasn't his! What gives!?!!?

Reception seems back for Without a Trace, but it's kind of in and out. If I can't count on DirecTV to deliver the finest Jerry Bruckheimer-produced shows out there, what can I count on these days?

UPDATE: Without a Trace has vanished...without a trace, as it were. Now, how am I going to know if Anthony LaPaglia actually moves to Chicago with his big-time corporate lawyer wife! Or will he rekindle the old flame with Poppy Montgomery (who's quite attractive, and probably even sexier with her native Aussie accent, even though her raspy American accent ain't bad)? And, tertiarily, will they find the family that vanished off in yacht in New York harbor?
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