Monday, May 31, 2004

The O.C. 

So, I finally watched a full episode of the "The O.C." (I'd seen parts before of other episodes), and I have a couple of comments:
1. No place, anywhere, at any time, is comprised entirely of beautiful people. (Another question: are there really no minorities at all in Newport, California?). The show doesn't even have like the token "Hollywood ugly" person (read: very cute in any other situation and, at most, a size 4).

2. On the same general topic, I'm not sure if I can think of someone as beautiful and attractive as that Mischa Barton actress, even though she really should gain a few pounds, as she's too skinny even by TV/movie standard, and even though her hair style seems very wrong for her in some scenes. But other than that, wow, is she attractive. And isn't she actually like 17 or 18? Anyway...

3. On this particular episode, the main guy got some girl pregnant. She was going to get an abortion--had the preliminary clinic visit and everything--and then decided not to. Now, no one I've known well enough for that person to confide in me about it has ever had an abortion (although I'm sure that several people I know have had one), but it strikes me that the case presented in this episode is the exact situation that almost always leads to an abortion, and everyone moves on, if not necessarily no worse for the wear, then, well, they still move on. And it also strikes me that on TV shows (even "edgy" ones like the O.C. and that horrible "Sex and the City" show), the writers almost always have their characters choose to not have the abortion and keep the baby. Now, as a TV watcher/critic, that strikes me the cowardly way out for the writers of the show. I mean, I'm sure that, in real life, when a girl in the "O.C", as it were, gets pregnant, it almost always leads to an aborted fetus and not a live born child (I mean, come on, who are we kidding?). So the writers should have the character make that choice. Just something I've noticed. It also should be noted that the girl in "Saved," a movie I saw the other day and was very good and funny, also decided to keep her baby instead of get an abortion, which, again, I think, is the less realistic option.

4. That Peter Gallagher character, besides have some totally kick-ass eyebrows, seems like the least Jewish "Jewish" character ever. Is that a bad thing, or is it a too-be-applauded attempt to break down stereotypes?

5. All the parental characters in general seem to be about 10 years too young (although maybe that's because all of them got pregnant at 18 and similarly decided not to have an abortion).
A worthwhile post, no?
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