Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Pathetic, Lying Liars: General Richard Myers Department 

Just when you think the lying and obfuscation from the administration couldn't get any worse, via Digby, we have this:
NEW YORK: CBS News delayed reporting for two weeks about US soldiers' alleged abuse of Iraqi prisoners, following a personal request from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff.

Gen. Richard B. Myers called CBS anchor Dan Rather eight days before the report was to air, asking for extra time, said Jeff Fager, executive producer of the US network's '60 Minutes II' program.

Myers cited the safety of American hostages and tension surrounding the Iraqi city of Fallujah, Fager said, adding that he held off as long as he believed possible given it was a competitive story.

With The New Yorker magazine preparing to run a detailed report on the alleged abuses, CBS finally broadcast its report last Wednesday, including images taken last year allegedly showing Iraqis stripped naked, hooded and being tormented by US captors at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad.
Even the uniformed military, when high enough up, can't escape the moral black hole that is this Administration.

Remember, this is the same Gen. Richard Myers who said, just this past Sunday, that he hadn't seen the Taguba report yet. Clearly a lie, clearly pathetic, and it even goes beyond that, as anyone involved or complicit in the Abu Ghraib is severely undermining American efforts in Iraq and throughout the Middle East, to the point where we are basically playing right into OBL's hands.

You want the trust of the Iraqi people (and, you know, the American people)? Build their trust! Don't lie to them about an event so horrible as the Abu Ghraib story. Not so hard a concept, now, is it?

DISCLOSURE: This post has been edited from its original form for clarity and reasonableness and spelling.
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