Friday, May 07, 2004

The Return of Jomentum 

It looks like Jomentum has taken the Connecticut senator right off a moral cliff. From Matthew Yglesias:
Moral Equivalence
"The people who attacked us on September 11 never apologized."
--Sen. Joe Lieberman at the Abu Ghraib hearings.
What kind of fucking jackass is this guy? Seriously, seriously, seriously why is it relevant at all that other people have behaved worse than we have? At all? I'm looking for a goddamn hint of relevance from the moral clarity crowd. Why does this matter? It'll be a heck of a campaign slogan: "Lieberman for Senate -- morally superior to Osama bin Laden." Whoopee.

UPDATE: I should note in the spirit of bipartisanship that Sens. Lindsay Graham and Susan Collins both turned in much better performances than Lieberman. Indeed, Graham's was probably the best of all the ones I saw from either party.
It looks like Josh Marshall has finally seen Lieberman's true colors. Good.

Also, from reader jk:
Yeah, that's pretty freaking bad. I mean, what is there to like about him? [He] believes in censorship, pushes an agenda based on morality and values as long as he agrees with them, was one of the first to criticize Clinton, is an unabashed supporter of the war to this day, and refuses to criticize this administration - he didn't even do a credible job of it when he was running in the primaries. It's like he thinks in order to be a "moderate" you have to bend over and take it up the keister from the GOP while keeping his party affiliation. Can we vote someone out of the party?
I would like to vote him out, yes.

UPDATE: Digby, who, as you know, has been on fire this week, weighs in. Read the whole post (seriously), but here's his take on Lieberman's moral relativism: "Just as long as nobody gets any consensual, unphotographed blow jobs. That would be immoral." I'm beginning to think that, of all the mistakes Al Gore made in 2000, picking Lieberman as veep was his worst.
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