Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Who's Winning? 

There's a debate/discussion going on this week in the left side of the blogosphere discussing the question, "Who's winning, liberals or conservatives?" It's an interesting and worthwhile question to ask, and I'd like to go into it more in depth, but don't have the time or, more accurately, the energy, to do so now. So I'll link to some of the posts on this, and you can read them, and maybe add your own comments here. Maybe even Guth could post on his thoughts about this.

Harvard grad Matthew Yglesias got it all started here, saying that the GOP has achieved very little of Barry Goldwater's vision.

Kevin Drum mostly agrees, stating, concerning the GOP's achievements:
Have they eliminated any departments of the federal government? No. Cut back entitlement programs? No. Increased the size of the military? No. Reduced the size of government? No. Outlawed abortion? Restricted gay rights? Brought back prayer in schools? No, no, and no. In fact, just the opposite for most of these things.

Then, Brad DeLong came in with just a devastatingly snarky post that lists several things "National Review-style" conservatives wanted ca. 1964. The list is devastatingly horrendous and immoral, and includes "The continued disenfranchisement of African-Americans."

However, Nathan Newman takes the other side, using labor laws as an example. And he's right: today, it's virtually impossible to organize any place of business if management doesn't want it (and they never do).

The only real thing of substance I want to add is that Nathan is right that liberals forget about labor issues. Well, not all liberals, but most of the ones that make up the "New Democratic" coalition; that is, highly educated professionals and suburbanites. They don't really see what good unions can do on a day-to-day basis for their members, and don't really see why we should have unions anymore. All I can say is that these people are wrong.

But Guth, what do you think about this discussion as a whole?
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