Friday, June 18, 2004

More on Sully 

Now, talking about Andrew Sullivan is usually Guthrie's gig, but seeing as he never posts, and I haven't in a day or so, I'm going to post on good ole' Sully. Here's a post from yesterday. I'm going to post the whole thing, and bold the last sentence:
OVER AT LUCIANNE: Here are some of the sentiments expressed by posters today on Lucianne Goldberg's site. She is, in case you didn't know, Jonah Goldberg's mother, and monitors the site:
This must be a gay thing, something they discuss at the local bathhouse.

Yeah, I used to read Sullivan's blog on a daily basis, until, I don't know, maybe mid-winter last year. He was going wobbly on just about everything, so I removed him from my bookmarks, and haven't thought about it since--simply don't miss his commentary. I suspect his webstats show a major falloff in readership.

I don't say good-bye, I say good riddance. Kudos to Kathryn Lopez for outing the traitor early on.

Long ago when Andrew Sullivan was in vogue and a rising star in ''conservative'' circles, I said that we should not be giving him bandwidth nor touting him as a leader in conservative ranks. That opinion seems reasonable now, but it was not a popular opinion back then. Then again, I am one of those who think that homosexuality is not just immoral, but should also be illegal again. Not a popular opinion today either.

Sullivan said plainly at The Advocate but not on his own blog, that Bush’s positions on homosexuality are a deal-breaker for him (Sullivan). I still want to know why Andrew Sullivan thinks the Boy Scouts ought to allow homosexual scoutmasters. Boy Scouts range in age from 11–18. Even accepting that homosexuality & pederasty can sometimes be distinguished, still where, Andrew, is the bright line between them? You know, Andrew, that there is no such bright line.

If you pay attention to Andrew Sullivan, you have too much time to waste. Nobody, even an obstensive conservative like Sullivan, should take pride in being a pervert.

Look. He's a fag, a limey and he lives in P-Town. To me, that's three strikes and you're out.

When Andrew gets on a gay issue, his progesterone starts kicking in and he rants like a vindictive woman. "Hell hath no fury like a She-man scorned"

It is a sad thing to see the enemy win. I mean, I really feel for the guy. He knows right from wrong, thus his desire to be a conservative. But he's had to surrender it and become anti-American, anti-Bush, anti-good, because of his deadly addiction to homosexuality. Over the months you could see him spiraling (many poster call it wobbling), losing to ground to the seductive, pleasurable evil consuming his soul. I grieve for this loss. He is now dead to us, and has thrown in with the enemy, rather than face down the incredibly difficult, painful choice of giving up homosexuality and joining the ranks of normals.

Some voices from the conservative movement. And people wonder why gay conservatives have a hard time feeling at home there.
My question? Who, besides Sully, wonders why gay conservatives have a hard time feeling at home in American Movement Conservatism? No one, that's who. We all know why, and it's for the exact reasons displayed in this post. Where's the big mystery? Now, we can debate whether bigots have hijacked conservatism or if it's really their natural home, but that's not what Sully's talking about. I don't hear too many people say, "I don't understand why my gay friend X doesn't like the GOP" because it's so damn clear to anyone with even minimal sensory functions.
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