Wednesday, June 23, 2004

No More Jack!? 

I thought that Jack! would get through this, and that maybe it wouldn't even prove all that damaging, but this is not a good sign. Via Kos, we get this report from the Capitol Fax:
EXTRA! RYAN FUNDRAISER CANCELED A fundraiser for Jack Ryan sponsored by US House Speaker Denny Hastert has been canceled, several sources confirmed today.
As Kos says:
That can mean one of two things -- Hastert is distancing himself from Ryan, or Ryan is preparing to exit stage left.

Chances are it's the latter. We may not have Ryan to kick around much longer.
Seeing as I didn't post my prediction that Ryan would stay in, I probably should pretend that I never even made such a prediction. However, that would not be keeping with the G&G pledge to restore honor and dignity to the blogosphere.

UPDATE: Someone commented on Kos that Ryan has a press conference scheduled for 7:00 this evening. We shall wait and see...
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