Monday, June 07, 2004

Stupid Stories from when I was in Law School. 

The New York Times has an article about "Lawyer to the (Washington) Stars" Robert Barnett of Williams & Connelly. Barnett went to the University of Chicago Law School and was on campus last fall during our "100 years of ideas and whatever" celebration.

I was in Legal Profession when Mr. Barnett walked in to say hello to his old classmate Barry Alberts, a practitioner at Schiff who taught the class. Professor Alberts introduces him, explains briefly how Bartnett was some big-shot who helped politicians do book deals and all that, and then tried to resume teaching the class about legal ethics. Barnett, however, interrupted Alberts. The exchange, more or less, was as follows:

Alberts: Ok, so Bob, I'd love it for you to stay a few minutes here in class. Now, where were we. Legal ethics, blah blah blah

Barnett: Oh, no, I'd rather not talk. I'll just sit here and watch you teach.

Alberts: [continues teaching, and at no time implies that he'd like Barnett to speak to the class]

Barnett: No, no, well, if you insist I'll say a few words.

And then Bob Barnett took up ten minutes explaining how he knew both President Clinton and Hillary and Karen Hughes. It was very, very odd.

And then, after class, a classmate and I were explaining the whole weird scene to a certain professor rumored to moonlight as a bouncer at some of Chicago's finest clubs. The prof said, "Barnett? I'm surprised his head fit in the doorway."
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