Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Consensus on Edwards 

Via Michael Berube, we get a good synopsis of how conservatives in the media view John Edwards:
In any event, the SCLM has dutifully reminded us that prior to being a U.S. Senator, Edwards was engaged in the criminal activity of being an attorney. For poor and disadvantaged people. Cases he won forced changes in medical and industry practice. And worst of all, he made money, which conservatives oppose.
There have been several articles, including a straight news article in the Times over the weekend, which kept saying that Edwards formed a "so-called S-corporation" to avoid paying taxes. Well, I guess, but it's no more "so-called" than any other corporate entity (a legal fiction, all, of course). And, well, it's what you do when you have the type of business Edwards had. And they're treating it like it's borderline tax evasion. Ridiculous.
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