Monday, July 26, 2004

The Economist, still making fun of me 

Some of you may recall that I and a few other ex-U of C law students hosted a fundraiser for Barack Obama back in March before the primary. Here's the link to the post with some pictures, and with the Economist article about that fundraiser. The reporter called the fundraiser a "low-budget affair."

Well, The Economist remembers that fundraiser, and still thinks it was pretty bush-league (I'm not saying it wasn't). From an article in the current issue, on Obama (subscription required):
THE ECONOMIST first came across Mr Obama last winter in a basementwhere he was surrounded by law students drinking beer from plastic cups. Now throngs of Chicago's finest queue up to hear him talk about foreign policy, and he is feted at pricey Democratic fund-raising meetings from coast to coast. As if to confirm that he is the next big thing in American politics he has just been asked to give a keynote speech at the Democratic convention.
As jk told me earlier today, we apprently set the "shithouse" standard in Obama's "shithouse to penthouse" story.
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