Friday, July 02, 2004


Basically, I've been "insourced" to a company. So, for next few weeks/months (I have no idea how long), I'll be working in a different company, basically being an in-house lawyer for them. It's at a hedge fund that does incredibly well, so it should be interesting. But, I don't I'll be able to blog on company time, for two reasons: (1) I don't think I'll have time, and (2) I'm billing this client every minute I'm there, and I don't want to blog while I'm billing someone for my time.

Hopefully, I can transfer my blogging to the AM before I go to work, which worked fairly well when I was pretty busy last spring. But there won't be any more 5-post days for me, I'm pretty sure. But we'll see.

Also, I'm wondering if Guthrie will blog on the death of Marlon Brando. I think Guth considers him the best actor ever, or something like that.

Also, also, while I do like a lot of the Kinks (esp. the albums "Village Green Preservation Society" and "Lola vs. Powerman," the album "Misfits" which I found in MP3 format on my computer (I don't remember ever downloading it), seems kind of weak. I better stop blogging about music, or else Guth will kill me. One last thing...my friend, the inestimable Harvard astrophysicist The Goat, has just turned me on to a band called "The Notwist." You can download an awesome song called "The Ones With the Freaks" on their website.

Other that that, have a great holiday weekend, but I'll be around to entertain as much as I can here on G&G (no promises that I'll post, but hopefully I will). And read Krugman today. It's the best thing you've ever read about F9/11.

And pray for no rain for tomorrow night!!
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