Monday, July 26, 2004

Preview: The Big Dog 

I got my hands on some quotes from Clinton's prepared remarks for tonight:

“Tonight I speak as a citizen, eager to join you here in Boston as a foot soldier in the fight for our future, as we nominate a true New England patriot for President.  The state that gave us John Adams and John Kennedy has now given us John Kerry, a good man, a great Senator, a visionary leader.” 


“We Democrats will bring the American people a positive campaign, arguing not who’s good and who’s bad, but what is the best way to build the safe, prosperous world our children deserve.” 

 “Democrats and Republicans have very different ideas on what choices we should make, rooted in fundamentally different views of how we should meet our common challenges at home and how we should play our roll in the world.  Democrats want to build an America of shared responsibilities and shared opportunities….Republicans believe in an America run by the right people, their people.” 

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