Saturday, July 17, 2004

Tony Blair Needs to Resign 

Kevin Drum summarizes some findings from British press about pre-war intelligence:

So a key piece of evidence was withdrawn a year ago, and Tony Blair says he didn't know about it until last week? Either he's lying or else his control of his own intelligence services is monumentally sloppy. I wonder which?

Now, last week John Edwards said the following, concerning Tony Blair:
"Tony Blair didn’t run from the report, he didn’t try to not acknowledge it. Instead, what Tony Blair said was, 'I take full responsibility for the mistakes....'

"What we need in the White House is somebody who has the strength and courage and leadership to take full responsibility and be accountable – not only for what’s good but for what’s bad. That’s what John Kerry will be."
Well, fine, but I don't see how saying you take responsibility is the same as taking responsibility. I think the only way to truly take responsibility over a fiasco this large and tragic is to resign. So I disagree with John Edwards (and Dick Durbin, who said basically the same thing)
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